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Face ID Access Control

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    LoopKiosk by LoopLearn TGA Approved Auto-Attendant with Temperature Sensor & Facial Recognition

    The LoopKiosk allows your employees, contractors and visitors to quickly and easily sign in and out of your premises. LoopLearn’s Face ID provides a seamless and secure experience for all users of the system and allows the organisation to implement best practice staff clock-on and visitor management procedures with ease.

    The built-in body temperature sensor ensures that any person with a fever is prevented from signing in, and nominated staff are automatically notified immediately. These automated alerts ensure appropriate steps can be taken to maintain the health and wellbeing of all people on your premises.

    TGA certified body temperature check and hands-free sign-in processes, to ensure your community is safe for all members. ARTG ID: 376450. LoopLearn has been designed to help organisations deliver their duty of care to their communities, by simply supporting them to accurately and automatically know who is on private premises – without invading any persons privacy.

    The LoopLearn system has been built in consultation with schools and aged care providers to automate previously manual processes, creating a world first technology solution to help organisations provide a new high standard of care for their communities, while saving countless hours of work for staff who can focus on higher impact tasks.

    All customers get their own LoopLearn web console to easily configure the LoopLearn system and see real-time attendance information and sign-in logs.

    It’s the all-in-one, easy-to-use platform to manage all devices and configure your system, no technical expertise required.

    The LoopLearn System - TGA Approved Auto-Attendant with Temperature Sensor & Facial Recognition

    BAMSS can design and install a complete access control system that integrates with the LoopLearn LoopKiosk with the Inner Range Integriti Access Control System.

    The LoopLearn system provides a temperature screening facial recognition terminal for touchless access control to buildings and screened auto-attendance taking.

    The LoopLearn system is TGA Approved. It has been listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. ARTG ID: 376450

    The LoopLearn System allows an organisations members, staff, visitors and contractors to quickly and easily sign themselves in and out, without having to physically touch anything.

    Access Control Systems by BAMSS

    Gasworks Residences - A BAMSS Project

    Access Control Systems

    At Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services (BAMSS), we are highly experienced in evaluating the best access control system for your business. We have installed hundreds of access control systems over the years. We have designed and installed access control systems in residential properties and businesses, as well as  industrial properties.

    No matter how big or small your security needs are, we can tailor an access control system including facial recognition security system installation to suit your needs.

    • This can be as simple as pedestrian or driveway gates for residential properties or an entire access control system for a large apartment building incorporated with video intercom system,
    • or simple access control systems including touchless entry and exit points for business and offices,
    • or right up to complete commercial-grade access control systems for high-security facilities such as childcare centers, heath care facilities, aged care facilities, schools or industrial buildings with high-worth products and manufacturing facilities.

    Facial Recognition Security System

    Regular Access Control systems can be used to provide access to buildings and workplaces.

    By adding facial recognition, the access control system can provide:

    • Touchless access to unlock certain doors based on access level.
    • Touchless access eliminates the need for keys, pin numbers & physical hardware such as cards, fobs or remotes that require maintenance or replacement.
    • Log entry and exit times in a database.
    • Allow staff to log in and out for timesheet purposes.
    • Enable a higher level of security for facilities due to facial recognition accuracy.

    BAMSS can design and deliver a fully integrated facial recognition security camera system with Access Control, CCTV, Security and 24/7 Alarm System & Remote Video Monitoring

    Whether you are a small site or a large facility, you can be rest assured that you are in capable hands with BAMSS. We have years of experience providing an Access Control, CCTV, Security and 24/7 Alarm System & Remote Video Monitoring solution that meets both your needs and your budget.

    BAMSS Services assist businesses with higher risks such as childcare, health, aged care, education and large industrial sites with more complex systems that require expertise in design and integration. Requirements for these larger systems are varied and require tailor-made systems.

    Please contact us by calling 1300 722 279 and we can discuss your security and business intelligence needs. We’ll make an appointment to come and inspect your home or business so we can tailor a security package specifically for you.

    BAMSS can provide the perfect solution to fit for your home or office,
    so contact Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services today!