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Security Systems

Home & Business Security System Installation

Many homes and businesses in Brisbane and the surrounding areas use alarm systems to protect themselves and their property. If you don’t have an alarm system, it is vital to get the right one to meet your needs. We take pride in finding the best system for your home or business and we make custom adjustments if required.

We have solutions for all kinds of circumstances to ensure you feel safe and protected by using the most reliable alarms on the market. Using our alarms may lower your insurance costs, as your property is seen as less of a risk by insurance companies.

With access to a wide range of products, we are able to tailor affordable and reliable security alarm systems to meet your needs.

Our HOME and BUSINESS alarm systems can also come with alarm monitoring, CCTV, and IP or security cameras

Home Alarm System

Home alarms have sirens that will make a very loud noise when the home has been compromised. This will alert the neighbours and act as a deterrent to for the intruder or vacate the premises as soon as possible. If the intruder can reach the siren to destroy it such as in the case with single story buildings, we highly recommend alarm monitoring.

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Alarm monitoring is the preferred option for all home owners and business because it provides the highest level of peace of mind and security. There are a variety of options. The signal can be sent to a security service who then phones you to check before coming out to your property. Alarms can also send SMS messages and the property can be viewed by camera so you can then call the police or take action as required.

24/7 alarm monitoring is affordable to businesses as well as home-owners. As little as $1 a day provides local service and support, enabling fast alarm responses and more peace of mind for you.

Protect your loved ones and personal belongings from intruders with an alarm system and alarm monitoring. Alarms help keep your property safe when you are not there so you can enjoy the peace of mind. Furthermore, enquire about discount rates on your insurance premiums to save you money!

BAMSS can provide the perfect solution to meet the needs of your home or office,
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