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Home Automation

Home Automation

A well-thought-out home containing smart wiring will add thousands of dollars of value, entertain you, educate your children and add convenience that you never thought possible.

Affordable and Versatile

You’ll be surprised at how affordable this smart technology is.

If you’re considering building a new home or apartment, you should consider ‘smart wiring’. It can revolutionise the use of technology available to you now and in the future.

BAMSS takes pride in its ability to provide you with the tools and information for this new technology.

The BAMSS Home Wiring Network delivers and distributes data, phone, video, audio and TV signals.

Use your iPhone, iPad or web-enabled devices like smart phones, touch screens and computers to control and automate your premises. It’s pretty cool!

We can integrate your video sources, TVs, audio systems and lighting systems so you can control them with one device. Imagine being able to use your iPhone for all your home automation needs.

Safety and Security

Automated Door Locks

One of the best safety features of a home automation system is automated door locks. With this system you can remotely lock your doors. This is particularly handy if you have children leave home after you in the morning, as children often forget to lock the front door. In addition to this facility, home automation systems can also alert you whenever someone enters your home—even when you are away at the office.

Small Appliances

Another way that home automation provides safety for your home and family is by allowing you to control small appliances in your home remotely. For example, if you are on the way to work and can’t remember if you turned off the oven, using your iPhone or iPad you can not only check this, but also remotely turn it off if you did leave it on!

Home Automation Systems Can Save You Money

There are several ways that home automation systems actually save you money. Firstly, you can remotely turn on and off lights and appliances. So if you are concerned about security, instead of leaving the outside light on all day to ensure it’s on at night, smart home automation can have you remotely turn on the light at dusk. This saves you money on your energy bills.

Secondly, a cost-saving measure is being able to turn on the air conditioner from a remote location. This means that if you want a cool or warm home, you don’t have to heat or cool it all day. You simply turn on your air conditioner and control the temperature so that its on when you need it.

Smart Home Automation Systems with BAMSS

BAMSS can provide the perfect solution to fit for your home or office, so contact Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services today!

“Can you imagine a home network reaching each room in your house,

including TV, internet, stereo, speakers and much more