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IP Surveillance Camera Installation & Monitoring - SE QLD

IP Surveillance technology gives you so much more than just a security camera

Our ‘smart camera and monitor system” have the potential to gather business intelligence that could help change your business and protect your assets in new and different ways. You can now monitor any place at any time with remote camera/live video monitoring. These cameras are smart for your business and affordable.

Give your business the edge over your competition by thinking about how the information that a camera captures could be used.

IP surveillance is the latest and greatest form of remote video surveillance technology available. It is replacing the traditional CCTV security cameras and CCTV monitoring system, and it provides so many more benefits and features to help protect your business and ensure effective performance of your business.

IP surveillance is no longer simply a video security system, it’s much more than that.

  • an excellent security system
  • the ability to gather business intelligence.

IP surveillance is a video monitoring system that is incredibly popular due to the extra features this type of technology provides. These systems are readily available and affordable.

A security camera can gather information to help improve your business as well as protect your assets in new and different ways.  This form of technology allows you to monitor any place at any time—from anywhere.

Special Introductory IP Surveillance Camera Package

At BAMSS, we have a special introductory IP surveillance camera package, which includes:

And all this from as little as $2,500 (excluding GST).

When you consider the multiple functions provided by a camera monitoring system for business security and more, you can be assured that the system will pay for itself over and over again.

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Examples of how security camera monitoring systems Help Business

The following 3 examples illustrate the varied and fantastic capabilities of this new business/commercial video monitoring, allowing businesses to increase profitability and reduce costs, as well as providing your business with an edge over the competition.

  • The owner of a high-end restaurant wanted to keep an eye on the quality of presentation of the food being served. He installed IP cameras over the food delivery table, and from his iPad he can check the presentation to ensure quality for his clients.
  • A small-business owner wanted to check what activity happened while the store was closed. He installed IP cameras so he could keep an eye on how many people passed and approached the store. This allowed him to adjust his opening hours accordingly.
  • A large mine site installed IP cameras at the entrance of a restricted area that has a strict dress code. This assisted them with providing concrete evidence to the insurance company that all staff were entering the area in the correct safety protection equipment. This, in turn, gave the mine a reduction in their insurance premium.

Commercial Video Security Systems with BAMSS

BAMSS Services can help both small and large business no matter what your surveillance and security needs. As mentioned above, we offer really affordable IP surveillance system packages which include installation and training. This is ideal for small business owners.

BAMSS Services has also assisted business and shopping centres with more complex systems that require expertise in design and integration. Requirements for these larger systems are varied and require tailor-made systems.

BAMSS can provide the perfect solution to fit your small, medium or large business, so contact Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services (BAMSS) today!