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Monitored Smoke Detectors

We all want to do everything we can to protect our family and loved ones, don’t we? Which is why monitored smoke detectors are becoming a very popular option. They provide added layers of security to help make sure that you survive a house fire.

You may already have a security alarm system with back-to-base monitoring to protect your family and belongings from intruders. If so, why not add monitored smoke alarms to your system? This is easy to do, inexpensive, and has huge benefits.

Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Systems (BAMSS) can monitor your smoke alarms for you. We are home security system experts with decades of experience servicing the Brisbane area.

Find out how monitored smoke detectors could save your life, whether insurance companies require monitored alarms, and what your requirements are under Queensland law.

Monitored smoke detectors, smoke alarm monitoring, Brisbane

How do monitored smoke detectors work?

Monitored smoke detectors are hard-wired into your home’s electricity supply and security system. When one of these is triggered, 4 things will happen:

  • An alarm will sound (as usual).
  • A signal is sent to us through your security system.
  • We contact you.
  • We contact the fire brigade.

Monitored smoke alarms provide far more comprehensive safety coverage for you and your family.

Standard smoke detectors

When you rely on standard smoke detectors, the sound of an alarm is the only thing that can protect you. And if the detector happens to be faulty, has a flat battery, or you sleep through the alarm, the worst can happen.

Do insurance companies require monitored smoke alarms?

Check with your insurance company what your smoke detector requirements are.

We’ve heard reports of some insurance companies telling customers that they must have monitored smoke alarms to be covered under their policy.

Contact us if you would like your smoke alarms monitored.

Smoke detector laws in QLD

In Queensland you are required by law to have smoke alarms fitted in your house or unit. And it is up to you to make sure that these work properly at all times.

Your specific obligations under Queensland law vary depending on how old your house is:

  • Houses built before 1 July 1997 – you are required to have at least one 9-volt battery-operated smoke alarm.
  • Houses built after 1 July 1997 (or renovated) – you are required to have a hard-wired smoke alarm.
  • Houses submitted for approval from 1st May 2014 – you must have hard-wired, interconnected smoke alarms (interconnected smoke alarms trigger all other alarms when one is triggered).

New smoke detector laws in QLD

Under new smoke detector laws expected to pass Parliament, every home in Queensland will be required to have (by 2027):

  • photoelectric smoke detectors (as opposed to the less effective ionisation types)
  • interconnected smoke detectors
  • hard-wired smoke alarms (or use a 10-year lithium battery)
  • detectors in bedrooms, living areas and escape paths.

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