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Is Your Business Secure: 5 Security Tips for Business Owners

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Business Security Cameras Brisbane - Suggested locationsIf you own or rent a business premises in Brisbane, security is a very important issue, especially if you carry expensive stock or inventory.  So how do business owners keep their businesses as secure as possible?

By investing in strategically placed security cameras and systems it’s possible to reduce your insurance rates and your peace of mind will be enhanced.

In this article, we shall focus on using smart security cameras to monitor and implement business security measures for backdoors, windows, parking lots, roofs, and vehicles, since these are the areas that are commonly overlooked and taken for granted when planning for business security measures.

Security Cameras

The installation of a security camera system in inside and outside your business should be a priority for any businesses owner. Although these businesses might have already invested in fire alarms and burglar alarms, not all of them are aware of the advantages of installing internet protocol (IP) security cameras.

This kind of camera is a type of digital equipment that sends and receives video recording to a computer network via the presence the Internet. It is not similar to a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera, which unfortunately cannot transmit real-time data.

Aside from securing the premises inside your businesses, where else do you need to install security cameras to ensure the safety of your business properties, employees, and valuables?  Some of our clients have also invested in externally mounted security cameras to capture images of would be intruders and to record any activity happening onsite after-hours.

Here are some common places that should be monitored:


The backdoors, if any, are usually considered an alternative entrance/exit in many business establishments. These backdoors are usually part of factories or manufacturing businesses and are used as an access when unloading or loading products, especially large deliveries.

Securing these backdoors should be taken into consideration when planning your business’ security. Putting security cameras on backdoors is one of the first places we suggest due to both external attempts to enter the business as well as monitoring staff as they move in and out of the building.  One of our clients owns a restaurant and was able to identify one staff member who was taking bulk food items out the back door.   Business owners should always remember that backdoors are almost always left unguarded since it is the main entrance/exits that should be the top-most priority.


Burglars and thieves can have easy access to windows, too. This is the reason why business owners who wish to maximise their security should also put security cameras on windows all over their building to ensure that the guards on duty can monitor all exits as well as any outsourced security company could be aware when intruders enter your building through the windows.

There are both window sensors and alarms available as security solutions. Since Brisbane-based business owners are usually aware of the basic security measures, investing in window alarms and sensors can be considered an important additional investment.

Parking lots

Another area that needs extra security are the parking lots of both retail and large area business like manufacturing businesses. Most businesses only install one or two security cameras on parking lots when in fact security cameras should be installed on every corner of the parking area to ensure utmost security of not just the area but also of the vehicles that are parked.


Another alternative is to mount motion sensor cameras on the roof top.  This way any motion detected will turn the camera on and cause it to rotate towards and start recoding any activity taking place.

Professional burglars, robber, and thieves could make use of the roofs as their entrance and exit points.


Monitoring large fleets of vehicles is much easier when installing cameras at a height.  Using the cameras ability to pan the area allows constant monitoring of large fleets of cars and/or trucks.  Lastly, putting up security measures inside your vehicles, such as GPS trackers, can not only allow identification of their location after a theft, but cal also allow businesses to monitor the activity of drivers to assure the most efficient routes are being taken.

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