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Alarm Monitoring for Businesses
  • Posted by: BAMSS
  • Category: Alarm Monitoring

Nowadays, business alarm monitoring has become a standard way of protecting assets for most businesses. Monitoring is used in addition to the usual door and window alarm that sounds off or if movement is recognised inside the building after hours. Alarm monitoring systems make use of a third party monitoring company that checks on your businesses…

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Rental Property Security Cameras – Benefits for Landlords
  • Posted by: BAMMS
  • Category: Other

As a landlord, there are some very worthwhile benefits to installing rental property security cameras. To start with, you can protect your property from theft, vandalism and damage, and help keep your tenants safe. Security cameras such as IP cameras are also a great way to attract potential tenants in the first place and increase…

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What to do After a Break in at Your Home or Business – 7 Steps
  • Posted by: BAMMS
  • Category: Alarm Systems, Business Security Systems

If you’ve had a break in at your home or business, you’ll know that it can be a very stressful and emotional time. Homeowners can feel ill knowing that someone invaded their space and took personal belongings with monetary or sentimental value. And business owners can feel demoralised if they take a financial hit when…

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