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Protect Your Business From Robberies and Theft
  • Posted by: Virginia Tobias
  • Category: Other

As a business owner you are responsible for ensuring that your premises are safe from robbers and thieves. In extreme cases you or your staff may be the victim of an armed hold up. In fact a jewellery store in Bloomfield Street was the victim of such a crime. General break ins are more common…

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Why our alarm systems are like robot watchdogs
  • Posted by: BAMMS
  • Category: Alarm Monitoring, Alarm Systems, Business Security Systems, Home Security Systems, Other

‘Who let the dogs out?’ We did. Our alarm systems (that will be affectionately known as ‘robot watchdogs’ for the duration of this post) are already all over Brisbane keeping countless people and their possessions safe. Alarm systems and alarm monitoring are still the best ways to protect your house, your family, and your business….

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When you need shopping centre security systems – come to BAMSS
  • Posted by: BAMMS
  • Category: Alarm Systems, Business Security Systems

Shopping centres have specific security needs. And at Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services (BAMSS), we understand these needs. We’re already providing expert security solutions to leading shopping centres all over Brisbane. So when you need shopping centre security alarm systems, come to BAMMS. We’re the trusted and experienced local company—and we’ll tailor a security system…

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