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Using IP Security Cameras for Aged Care Monitoring

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IP Security Cameras for Aged Care Monitoring BrisbaneIP Security Cameras for Aged Care Monitoring in Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast

Elderly people are needed to be attended to almost every day at all costs. With feeble bodies, failing memory, and reduced capacity to go about and do things on their own, they need the utmost care and constant looking after to ensure their safety, security and overall protection.

However, a caretaker can only do so much. An individual cannot always provide constant manning and checking up on elderly tenants for the entire 24/7. This is where IP security cameras are useful.

Clever Connectivity

An IP camera, or internet protocol camera, is a digital video device commonly used for surveillance, and unlike the typical CCTV cameras, it can send and receive video and still footage through a computer network or the internet.  IP cameras can function without being connected to a computer or a television, though. They’re not run by a software that has to be installed in a computer just so they can produce images the same way a webcam might.

Quality Footage

On their own, IP cameras are capable of capturing clearer still pictures or videos, providing a resolution up to 15 times the quality of CCTV video. Packed with advanced and powerful features, IP cameras are good for both indoor and outdoor use, has optical zoom, has wire or wireless connectivity, and provides easy access from anywhere in the world via a variety of devices such as smart phones and laptops.

In addition, they are also equipped with features that can produce video footage even in low light conditions, detect and capture movement and has two-way audio that can transmit sounds from the aged-care facilities to wherever a staff or a caretaker may be, thus ensuring constant surveillance for guaranteed security.

Reliable and adaptable to different settings

Usage of the ever-reliable and convenient IP security cameras is not exclusive to homes and business properties, and is very much ideal to be used in aged-care facilities, to add that increase guarantee of protection for the elderly people being taken care of.

With IP cameras, it is now easy to monitor retirees and the elderly’s safety and security. A caretaker, who could be out for an important errand, with the help of his phone, can still easily monitor and check to see if there has been unauthorized access by patients, staff or outsiders via the real-time images transmitted by IP cameras to his mobile device.

IP cameras add a great level of security and convenience for taking care of the elderly people, like those with dementia and other related conditions, and are prone to either hurt or injure themselves or others, cause accidents to oneself or others or wander about out of the building and onto the roads.

Accident and injury prevention

Accidents and unnecessary injuries can then be prevented through an effective and proper surveillance that can be achieved with the installation of IP cameras inside and outside the aged-care facilities. IP cameras provide an increase in comfort and convenience in securing utmost protection for the aged.

They are easy to install, very cost-effective and offer convenient real-time monitoring and surveillance to ensure twenty-hour protection, making taking care of the aged less worrisome and less time-consuming.

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